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A student performs fieldwork.
Lauren Holmes 鈥23, M.S. 鈥24, an environmental science major, studies the diversity of ant species to assess the health of the ecosystem.

Clark鈥檚 Rigorous Liberal Arts Education

At Clark, we believe deep learning moves from the classroom to the world. This is why we structure our curriculum around liberal education and effective practice, which connects classroom learning with action through world and workplace experiences.

Every Clark undergraduate benefits from this education, which brings a rigorous liberal arts curriculum to every stage of a student鈥檚 academic experience. Clark鈥檚 liberal arts curriculum will provide you with vital skills, meaningful opportunities, and the chance to define 鈥 and pursue 鈥 your ideal career and life path.

Preparing for the Future

Building Blocks to Design Your Clark Experience

Clark Navigator

Our First-Year Experience program will help you transition to academic and campus life at Clark.

First-Year Intensive (FYI) Courses

Through an FYI course, join a cohort of peers to explore an in-depth topic that interests you.

Clark Core

Explore new ways of seeing, thinking, and knowing humans and the natural world.

Diversity and Inclusion Courses

Explore new ways of seeing, thinking, and knowing humans and the natural world.

Problems of Practice Courses

In these innovative courses, you will delve into a complex question, problem, or challenge.

Capstone Project

In an advanced, culminating project, use your acquired knowledge and expertise to address a problem.

female students looking into scope

Your Interests, Your Choice

Choosing Your Major or Minor

Majors and minors help focus your learning and ensure you build the skills to succeed in a field of your choice. You also might opt for a double major or minor, allowing you to craft a program of study based on your particular interests.

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Learning Through Experience

From internships to volunteer opportunities, study abroad to capstone projects, you will have access to a wealth of opportunities for hands-on learning that will enhance your classroom experiences.

Undergraduate Course Catalog